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HSE Vibration Levels: What are they and why are they important?

HSE vibration levels are set to protect workers who operate vibration-emitting tools, particularly hand tools (there are limits for whole body vibration but we will cover these in another article).  The limits are set by the HSE, who are the governing body that regulate the exposure to vibration levels for

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HAVSPRO experiences strong early growth

We are so pleased to announce that we, the team at SIXIS Technology, are expanding our workforce to meet the demand for our HAVSPRO system! A variety of sectors, including Local Government, manufacturing, engineering and agriculture, are all implementing our newly evolved solution for the accurate, real-time measurement and monitoring of workplace

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The true cost of HAVS mismanagement

The cost of HAVS mismanagement is layered and variable, so let’s unpack it and see exactly what it is going to cost your business to turn a blind eye and not act when you should. And don’t forget, there is a cost to a paper-based system in the form of

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Hand Arm Vibration: Measure, Monitor, Act, Repeat!

At HAVSPRO our goal is to make hand arm vibration and its associated health conditions a thing of the past. But how? The HSE regulations (The Vibration at Work Regulations 2005) state that there is no need to continuously measure and monitor vibration levels. In paragraph 149 of the regulations,

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Vibration monitoring: Is it necessary?

We take a look at the need to implement vibration monitoring and whether it is necessary when managing the risk of HAVS in the workplace as part of your compliance with the HSE regulations. Let’s start with the HSE: The ONLY way to substantially reduce the risk of somebody developing vibration

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HAVS and the Hierarchy of Controls

When managing the risk of vibration exposure in the workplace, as per the Control of Vibration in the Workplace 2005, the HSE clearly and frequently state that you should apply the hierarchy of controls. The hierarchy of controls for the vibration regulations is similar to that found in lots of

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What you need to fully manage the risk of HAVS

If you want to comprehensively manage the risk of HAVS and other health conditions caused by over-exposure to vibration levels, then simply putting the time on tool and the manufacturers vibration levels into the HSE ready reckoner is not sufficient. Here is our checklist of essentials that you need to

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Making HAVS History: A dream that won’t buzz off!

In 1999, the Government reached a compensation deal worth £500million in the High Court which would see tens of thousands of former coal miners eligible to claim a share as a result of developing vibration white finger (VWF). It would be the first significant step in making HAVS History but

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HAVSPRO vibration monitoring system

Why should I continuously monitor vibration levels?

Most organisations who work with vibration exposure in some form, know that under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, they are required to manage the risk of, and monitor, vibration exposure. However, the regulations only state the employers need to assess and manage the risk of vibration exposure:

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Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it when it comes to HAVSPRO and how it is helping organisations across the UK manage the risk of vibration exposure – read our customer case studies and hear what benefits they have found in the system.

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Up-To-Date HAVS Information

The biggest HAVS News will normally come as a result of a HSE prosecution for not adhering to the Control of Vibration at Work 2005 regulations.

These regulations state that all businesses must ensure that the risks from vibration are controlled. They must also provide information, instruction and training to employees on the risk and the actions being taken to control risk. Plus, they should provide suitable health surveillance for anyone who is identified as at risk from the effects of vibration exposure.

The HSE will prosecute companies that do not operate within these regulations. If convicted, companies will be liable for fines, legal costs and compensation claims.

Find out more about the costs of not adhering to these regulations in our HAVS News story: The true cost of HAVS mismanagement