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HAVSPRO is an industry-leading vibration monitoring and measuring solution that generates proactive alerts and in-depth reporting, providing unequivocal evidence in the face of litigation claims and exceeds official requirements to protect your workforce from injury.

Meeting all your vibration monitoring needs

It can be difficult, time consuming and complicated to monitor vibration levels, but HAVSPRO provides a simple, accurate and cost-effective solution which keeps your operatives safe. It offers accurate guidance for risk assessments and training purposes and provides robust defense should your business face litigation.

PRO Active

HAVSPRO provides accurate alerts of accumulated vibration levels for an individual operator and customisable tailored data reports for operators, supervisors and managers so controlling breaches before they occur.

PRO Tech

HAVSPRO uses the latest technology to accurately measure Real-time measurements to help highlight tool degradation data in line with BS ISO standards with zero margins for error.

PRO Ductive

HAVSPRO takes your team beyond compliance with data tracking sufficiently sophisticated for you to plan work, initiate improvements, create accurate and dynamic risk assessments and improve targeted training schedules to minimise exposure and risk.

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Discover how HAVSPRO monitors vibration levels accurately and triggers alerts to protect your staff and organisation against the risks of HAVS and WBV (whole body vibration).

It monitors individual tool vibration levels and the exposure each person has to it.

HAVSPRO then collates all this data and creates customisable reports to help you prevent overexposure.

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In the UK an estimated two million employees are exposed to the risk of debilitating industrial vibration injuries caused by the repetitive strain from using hand-held tools.

By law, all businesses are required to control the risk of two conditions: Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and Whole Body Vibration (WBV). However, vibration levels all-too-often exceed safe levels if control measures are not applied and inadequate action taken which means companies have incurred fines in excess of £600,000 putting themselves at risk of significant compensation claims.

Industry GOLD Standard with HAVSPRO

The complete HAVSPRO system has been designed to address the considerable deficiencies
in existing methods for controlling vibration exposure and popular ‘tool timer’ measurement
devices, to provide a gold standard forward-thinking sophisticated yet simple solution.

Gold Standard with HAVSPRO

HAVSPRO provides a personal vibration measuring device which clips on and off each tool. HAVSPRO accumulates real-time data for each operator, giving highly accurate real-time alerts whilst simultaneously sending detailed information to be centrally collated for customised reports and control guidance.

Silver Standard

A combination of tool and wrist-mounted devices use an algorithm to give users vibration exposure. These levels are usually calculated according to samples of vibration data from previously measured data (which is only accurate at the point it is being produced) or HSE and other libraries of tool vibration data. As these all vary widely, they leave a large and potentially high-risk margin for error.

Bronze Standard

Standard compliance often consists of risk assessments created through the compilation of averaged tool vibration data, or observational concerns recorded by an external auditor/consultant, but this route misses the unique degrees of variation inherent in every job and offers little more than safety guidance.

Protect your people and your business with one of the world’s most advanced personal vibration monitoring, measuring and reporting systems

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PRO Active

  • Email and text alerts are sent to selected personnel to warn of Exposure Action Value (EAV) breach and reaching 90% of Exposure Limit Value (ELV). This allows operators and managers to act proactively and respond before ELV is reached, so controlling risks before they occur
  • Real-time measurements highlight tool degradation and associated vibration increase to enable forward planning
  • Sophisticated data analytics allow management to identify operator training needs to reduce exposure
  • Accurate real-time data allows for a proactive approach to dynamic risk assessment (ALARP) and modification

PRO Tech

Technology you can trust: HAVSPRO has been developed by Audiotel International Ltd which, along with Sixis Technology Ltd is part of the Simpactica Group, one of the UK’s leading technology groups with more than 20 years measurement and monitoring experience in the security, medical, nuclear power and military sectors – all of which demand exceptionally high standards

  • A sophisticated personal measuring and monitoring device which stays with the operator as their PPE, so ensuring accurate accumulation of data
  • Tool or vehicle-based monitoring which provides greater accuracy than wrist-based devices
  • Accurate measuring and monitoring reported in HSE points to save time and effort while helping to protect staff and business
  • Real-time data measured at source as the vibration is produced – far more accurate than assumed, library or extrapolated data
  • Alerts and reports fully tailored and customisable to suit the customer’s needs with alerts delivered in real time to allow timely intervention

PRO Ductive

  • Real-time accurate reporting enables you to plan work schedules and rotate jobs safely, it allows you to keep track of consumables used, and the ways in which tools are being handled (to minimise vibration exposure). This also aids efforts to obtain the best performing accessories, tools and consumables and guides reduction of risks to ALARP
  • Accurate measuring and real time reporting eliminates the need for continued reassessments. This saves considerable time and increases the effectiveness and timeliness of risk assessments
  • Simple to operate – this minimises the need for training and encourages effective compliance
  •  All information is clear, easy to read and understand and readily accessible for operators, supervisors and managers on smartphones, tablets or desk top computers