Measure and Monitor Vibration Levels With Confidence

HAVSPRO allows organisations to measure and monitor vibration levels with the highest levels of accuracy through the latest technology.

If you use any vibrating equipment, HAVSPRO makes managing vibration levels easy and gives you complete confidence that you are protecting your staff and business. Long-term exposure to vibration levels causes devastating issues for individuals and businesses. HAVSPRO accurately monitors vibration levels, transmits this information in real-time and then automatically alerts the user and the business when risk levels are neared and breached.

Accurate vibration monitoring and reporting reduces the risk of vibration exposure for employees and organisations alike. Monitor vibration levels with confidence with HAVSPRO for complete peace of mind.

vibration analysis

Industry Gold Standard

vibration analysis
The HAVSPRO vibration monitoring device gives organisations the ability to monitor vibration levels, manage the risk of vibration to hands, arms and the whole body, all made possible with completely accurate vibration levels – no vibrations ranges with HAVSPRO, just reliable, accurate vibration readings.


What you get from HAVSPRO

Provides an accurate, not estimated, picture of personal exposure calculated in HSE points

Email and SMS alerts can be set up for stakeholders (users, site managers, HSE etc.) to highlight every time EAV breaches occur and when 90% of ELV is reached.

HAVSPRO comes with a comprehensive reporting suite. The reporting dashboard can be configured to give you the information you need depending on your role. Typical metrics reported on include; operator HAV and WBV exposure, the operators recording highest EAV or ELV scores, an accumulation of HSE points per user, a summary of personal and operational EAV and ELV alerts and tools being used, not being used, regularly emitting high vibration values, tool condition and deterioration.

Each worker takes their own sensor from tool to tool as their own piece of PPE, protecting them from the risks of the various vibration levels they may experience throughout their day.

HAVSPRO is able to measure accurate vibration levels because it is bonded directly to the tool itself, meaning there is no need for users to wear any additional device, and run the risk of inaccurate data or loss or devices etc.

How HAVSPRO Monitors Vibration Levels

Discover how the technology behind HAVSPRO works and how easy it is to implement vibration monitoring technology into your day-to-day work.

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Monitor vibration levels accurately with HAVSPRO. Get trigger alerts to protect your staff and organisation against the risks of HAVS and WBV (whole body vibration).

Discover how it measures accurate vibration levels and allows you to manage the risk within legal requirements. HAVSPRO also collates all vibration and usage data and creates customisable reports to help you prevent overexposure. Find out everything you need to know in our brochure – simply complete the form!

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HAVSPRO provides a personal vibration measuring device which clips on and off each tool.

It accumulates real-time data for each operator, giving accurate real-time alerts whilst sending detailed information which form a customised reporting and control centre.

HAVSPRO vibration monitoring system