HAVSPRO: Vibration Monitors
from SIXIS Technology

The HAVSPRO vibration monitors are designed and produced by SIXIS Technology Ltd, which is part of the UK Simpatica Group. The Simpatica Group is a leader in designing and manufacturing industrial tech, based in the UK. With over 20 years’ experience of solving business problems in innovative ways, including vibration monitors to reduce the risk of HAVS. Designed, manufactured and distributed, all within the UK, SIXIS Technology are at the forefront of IoT and industrial technology innovations.

Adding value with the experts in vibration monitors

With an expertise in remote monitoring, high value data management and SaaS business modelling, we strive to add significant value to our customers’ businesses across the UK and globally in the construction, engineering, medical, defence, law enforcement, government and corporate sectors.

More Than Vibration Monitors - We Are
Accelerating Technology

Simpatica was created to accelerate the commercialisation of hardware-centric technology, and vibration monitors are a key part of this, alongside other medical devices.

The group aims to drive synergies between its companies to leverage combined assets and expertise in development, manufacturing, operations, sales, and marketing. It aims to nurture partnerships with academia and businesses; supporting them to develop their ideas into commercially viable products.

The group’s product and service brands span a range of sectors, including electronics manufacturing services, outsourced product development, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), medical devices, health and safety products, security and defence.

Through our shared passion for innovation and world-class expertise in software, hardware and manufacturing, our brands support each other to drive product innovation and value.

The Simpatica Group’s first-class research, development and manufacturing facilities provides the collective expertise and resources to allow us to create high performance products capable of meeting the needs and demands of your business.


Risk Management
The Gold Standard in Vibration Monitors

HAVSPRO has been created as the gold standard in risk management of HAVS and Whole Body Vibration (WBV). These debilitating conditions are entirely preventable with the best in vibration monitors, which is why we are calling for any organisation using vibrating equipment to work with us on a shared mission to #MakeHAVShistory.


The system has been created after a long design and development process. It has been meticulously tried and tested in harsh environments and both the concept and durability of the hardware and Cloud-based system have exceeded expectations –  we are delighted to be bringing it to market.

Over the next three years we aim to become the world leading provider of vibration measuring, monitoring and reporting systems working closely in partnership with customers who share our vision.


Simple, measurable value:

Adding value for our customers as simply and securely as possible

Act and adapt:

Helping our customers become proactive, understanding their challenges, and continuously innovating

Lead in partnership:

Going beyond the norm to set new standards for the building of robust and collaborative service partnerships