What’s the difference? – Tool mounted and Wearable monitoring systems.

What’s the difference between tool mounted and Wearable monitoring systems?

This is a question we often get asked and one we’re always happy to answer.

Having a tool mounted monitoring system, over a wearable monitor, such as a watch, removes variables that effect the data gathered. With wearable tech, there are still questions around the accuracy, such as how tight the watch strap on is the operative, the hand that the watch is on, is the vibration at the wrist the same as the fingertips or if the watch is even used at all…

With HAVSPRO, we don’t like to leave questions unanswered around health and safety. Our system is tool mounted and consists of sensors which are personalised to each operator, uniquely programmed to that individual and their specific values. The sensors attach to the tool specific dedicated holsters which have been programmed with the specific details of that tool, even the next service date. The simplicity of operation make monitoring an easy, intuitive process, with information sent to the Cloud reporting platform for effective reporting.

As HAVSPRO is tool mounted, you can rest assured that every time the tool is used, the vibration is measured as the operator senses it and reported in HSE points, no straps to snap, no fitting to the wrong hand, no forgetting to unpair and receiving spurious data, simple, accurate and safe measuring, monitoring and guidance all helping you to fulfil your duties in reducing or eliminating the risks.

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