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HAVSPRO Press Release

HAVSPRO is the latest, leading-edge workplace vibration management solution from Sixis Technology. HAVSPRO’s state of the art technology offers a sophisticated yet simple, accurate and cost-effective solution, providing:

  • Real-time, on-tool vibration monitoring
  • Proactive alerts for individual users and supervisors
  • Intelligent cloud-based reporting
  • Accurate guidance for risk assessments and training, and
  • Unequivocal evidence in the face of litigation claims

Exceeding official requirements to protect your workforce from injury, we at HAVSPRO have one mission: to #makeHAVShistory. HAVSPRO is the only personal vibration monitor that measures actual vibration emissions as they are being produced, in line with ISO 5349 and HSE requirements. 

HAVSPRO eliminates the guesswork from vibration risk management. 


vibration sensorsIt is a legal requirement to take reasonable steps to protect your workforce against vibration-induced medical conditions; Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) and Whole-Body Vibration (WBV). Yet, in 2022 some methods of measuring vibration are significantly less effective than others.

Until now, vibration risk assessments have largely relied on static estimates of exposure. However, as vibration emissions vary with tool condition, environmental factors and operator behaviour, these values can be wholly unreliable. Ultimately, they are estimates, which are often exacerbated by under-reporting of time on tool.

Reference tables show a variety of exposure values for a catalogue of different tools. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) state that 10 minutes on an angle grinder can produce 5 points when using the lower vibration range, or as much as 40 when using the higher – an 800% increase. If you were using a grinder for an hour, it could mean you accumulate 32 HSE points, or as much as 242. It’s guesswork. 

Sadly, as a result many new cases of HAVS, vibration white finger and carpal tunnel syndrome emerge every year and employers continue to face huge fines and compensation claims. In the past five years 20 businesses have been fined a total of £4,357,000, with one employer fined an astonishing £600,000. 

What makes HAVSPRO so special?


HAVSPRO provides complete clarity of vibration exposure for each at-risk employee. Real-time alerts notify both the operator and their supervisor when an individual reaches defined exposure levels

HAVSPRO measures both Hand-Arm AND Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) – so if a worker switches from a drill to a dumper truck, their accumulation of HAV and WBV exposure points will be monitored automatically and reported specific to each task

The HAVSPRO analytical reporting suite provides vital, timely and accurate statistics to help you identify areas of improvement whether that be tool, operator, or task, creating accurate and meaningful Risk Assessments 

Russ Langthorne, Managing Director at Sixis Technology said:

“We are sincerely proud to introduce HAVSPRO to help proactive, responsible and sustainable employers protect their workforce and their business. Sixis Technology are leaders in workplace vibration management and currently work with a diverse range of industries, often in incredibly challenging environments.”

With HAVS cases still increasing year-on-year, now is the time to be proactive. If you’d like to get in touch to find out more don’t hesitate to visit www.havspro.com, call 01332 577 148 or email enquiries@sixistechnology.com